Album Review INSANITY Visions of Apocalypse

Insanity cover artwork

INSANITY “Visions of Apocalypse”

Unspeakable Axe Records/ Dark Descent

Don’t confuse these guys from San Francisco with the other 20 000 bands with the same name, probably you will be disappointed at some point. Nope, this band was formed in 1985 and surely some of you remember the name and the logo in old printed fanzines, and tape trading years. After several demos, compilation of demos and one full length album, the band decided to release this sophomore with high doses of complexity and putrid vibes.

This is the kind of death metal bands that don’t need to demonstrate anything to nobody, as they lived the golden years of the genre, and they truly know how to create excellent stuff. All tracks are based in deadly guitar lines, and sulphuric atmospheres full of blood and gore. Also, the work in guitar arrangements is totally insane, as it transmit painful pieces of putrefaction. Also, I must say that this band knows how to balance basic guitar riffs and complex structures with good taste and rabid. In some specific parts the music includes good doses of thrash metal influences, like in track “When”. This is a good addition to the collection, for those who still worship the genre nowadays. – Victor Varas

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