Album Review TEMPLE OF GNOSIS Mysterivm Magnvm

Temple of gnosis cover artwork

TEMPLE OF GNOSIS “Mysterivm Magnvm”

Goathorned Productions

The year is ending and I’m still crushed with good discoveries from every corner of the world. This time is from Serbia, and it’s an excellent one-man project forged in esoteric doom/death metal.

This is one of those albums that you have to devour in one session, with no interruptions. The whole concept is around mystical and ritualistic stuff from western tradition. But all music sounds slow, catatonic and brutal as shit, if you know what I mean. Also, this guy really knows how to transmit dark feelings with bad-blood atmospheres, including a wall of sound made of keyboards. Vocal lines are so fucking deep in hell that almost burns your ears from the first track. I admit that it’s quite a good composer here, as he took influences from many sources (including doom metal from 90’) but he also forged an excellent album with an own sound and personality. It’s nothing better for a debut album. Warning, you should take a proper state of mind to listen to this piece of ritualistic dark music, in order to catch these primal, soporific and definitely oppressive tunes down there. It’s highly recommended, really! – Victor Varas

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