Album Review ANALEPSY Dehumanization by Supremacy

Analepsy cover artwork

ANALEPSY “Dehumanization by Supremacy”

Rotten Cemetery Records

Well, this is brutal, sanguinary and definitely deadly. These Lusitanians created an interesting debut EP forged in aggressive-brutal death metal, with high doses of gore.

All tracks have the same intense atmosphere, with corrosive guitar lines, and deep growls quite near to the grind-gore metal genre. If you ask me, this is nothing I haven’t heard before, but everything is on its place and I admit that some sections made me head banging. My only complaint is when vocalist Ricardo Proença starts to growl like satanic pork (which causes lots of laughs to my nephew, btw) and it totally sounds weird and almost comic. Anyway, this is a quite decent debut Ep and I’m sure many of you, lovers of this bizarre metal genre, will worship since the very first track. I wonder if lyrics are real, or those are just improvisations. Who knows? – Victor Varas

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