Album Review ATERRA All born in pain

Aterra cover art

ATERRA “All born in pain”


Don’t confuse this young Polish band with the one-man black metal project from North Carolina. These guys are more oriented to a modern style of thrash metal, full of sharp guitar riffs and holocaustic structures.

Coming from Warszawa, it’s an excellent example for those who have little respect to modern thrash metal genre and the different hybrids burning (literally speaking) out there. Of course, you can name tons of names holding this flag of rabid “deathcore”, but from time to time we can find interesting albums like this one. All tracks have high doses of melody and hardcore reminiscences, and I must say that you will find many “modern sounds”. But these guys also managed really heavy moments here and there, and definitely they did a great job with musical arrangements. I admit that in first tracks this didn’t call my attention, but no doubt these guys released a good production, full of fresh ideas and high musical skills. Give them a chance if you like hybrids with modern thrash metal. If you are a trve old skull, stay away! – Victor Varas

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