Album Review DISTERROR Catharsis

Disterror cover art

DISTERROR “Catharsis”

Akracia Records

Everybody knows that the raw sound of black metal genre is due its thick and rotten roots in punk music.

Although I know some of you will piss on this fact, it’s true that the hybrid of both genres is a bit more popular these days, and definitely we are talking a new wave which takes the best of those apocalyptic genres. This case is an excellent example which recovers the essence of crudeness in punk/hardcore music, the drunken attitude from thrash metal genre, and blends it with obscure atmospheres and sinister miasmas from black metal genre. These Mexican guys really know what they want and all tracks sound tied, eclectic and with good taste. Also, I admit that for moments recalled me this wave of black n´roll, like Drünken Bastards, Rötten, Antimaster, Banished from Inferno, etc. But these guys definitely have forged an own sound with excellent musical arrangements and fresh ideas. After a couple of demos and a split production, this is a great debut album for an underground entity that seems to be working hard behind the door of rehearsal room. Support these motherfuckers!!   – Victor Varas

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