Album Review MASS HYPNOSIA Thrash Daisakkai

Mass Hypnosia cover art

MASS HYPNOSIA “Thrash Daisakkai”

Bloodbath Records

This promo contains four tracks, included in the split release called “Thrash Daisakkai”, with bands Death Thirst and Deathblast.

It’s nothing less than a rabid form of thrash metal forged in deadly guitar riffs, sick vocals and the real essence of old titans in this genre. It seems like these Philippine guys are highly influenced by old German thrash metal, specifically in vocals, but they definitely are not new in the business, and they created obscured miasmas in all tracks. Also, I must say that they know balance fast and holocaustic thrash metal with mid pace sections in specific moments. Of course we are talking about experienced people involved in metal, with matured ideas and high musical skills. The most important is that they know exactly how to sound, and the rawness found in every note is intentional. If you are into rancid thrash metal from underground scene, don’t miss this Philippine entity, you won’t be disappointed. – Victor Varas

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