Album Review OGOTAY Dead God’s Prophet

Ogotay cover art

OGOTAY “Dead God’s Prophet”

Selfmadegod Records

A good piece of putrefaction! The band is based in Gdańsk, Poland and feature ex members from different good entities, like the old masters Yattering, Pandemonium and Mess Age.

Of course they have huge experience in death metal business and all tracks are highly influenced by old school from America, but these guys find the balance between brutality and technical stuff without false pretentions. Actually, I really liked how they captured the real essence of the genre in powerful and holocaustic structures, and effective musical arrangements. Vocalist Marcin Świerczyński made an excellent work with deep growls, and he knows what he is doing. This band definitely don’t want to incorporate new elements in the genre, and I must say that this is nothing I haven’t heard before, but everything is on its place and I’m sure they will release more tasty albums in the future. As a sophomore, this opus is excellent and highly recommended if you like Polish death metal with high doses of morbidity, if you know what I mean. – Victor Varas

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