Album Review TORCHIA Ending Beginning

Torchia cover art

TORCHIA “Ending Beginning”


Yeah, this is melodic death metal coming from Finland, though these three tracks have influences from thrash metal and heavy metal, and the result is quite professional and well-conceived.

Coming from Tampere, these young musicians created an excellent debut forged in fast guitar riffs and complex structures. It calls my attention all exceptional guitar arrangements which denote musicians with high skills and good taste. In specific moments these guitars blow your mind, and I must say that genetically speaking everything is based in heavy metal and speed metal genres. Also, vocalist Eetu Hentunen makes a really good job, combining distinctive influences in the whole demo, but always is looking for an own style. I think this promo shows a quite mature band that delivers good tunes in the vein of modern melodic death metal, but they still are looking for own sound and personality, since this demo is nothing I haven’t heard before. Keep an eye on them if you like death metal with high doses of complex guitar riffs, melody and killer modern sounds. – Victor Varas

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