Album Review ARMAMENT First Strike

ARMAMENT cover art

ARMAMENT “First Strike”


Shit! This is powerful, raw and rude. I’ve been listening literally tons of metal from India and it never disappoints me.

In this case I’m really impressed because of high quality of thrash metal guitar riffs and the vocal work of Indranil Dasgupta as recalls me a lot first’s works of Mille Petrozza. All tracks sound tied and very well-conceived, with a lot of aggression and attitude. If you ask me, these guys insert high doses of punkish rabid elements to the whole cake, among traditional heavy metal elements, and the result is superlative, as it recovers the old sound of bands from 80’s. Also, the work of drummer is simply exceptional. All in all, this is a good new born band (although they’ve been active since 2011 or something) and it’s ready to chop your head from the first notes. If you are looking for excellent thrash metal gangs from Bengali area, you can’t miss this piece of rusted and holocaustic metal. – Victor Varas

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