Album Review CEIFADOR Heavy Metal 666

Ceifador cover art

CEIFADOR “Heavy Metal 666”

Helldprod Records

According to the Bio, this gang has been active since 2003, creating an evil mix of speed metal and thrash metal, and in my first encounter I’m plenty satisfied because of high octane guitar riffs and holocaustic atmospheres which denote people involved in the most obscured side of both genres.

I really like how these guys create incendiary songs with simple and effective sections, and killer solos btw!. Of course they know how to manage old sounds from 80’s, and recover same dark miasmas. Also, vocalist Clayton Maximinus seems to be totally influenced by alcohol, evil, and traumas (in a good way) when he recorded this shit. Certainly, this band captured the heritage of old metal bands from Brazil, and they are loyal to the dark essence of this shit. After a large list of EP and Split releases, this is the debut album and you can’t miss it. As extra info, this album includes a cover version of “Reaper” original from its evil majesty BATHORY. – Victor Varas

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