Album Review NECRODIUM Remnants

Necrodium cover art

NECRODIUM “Remnants”

Breaking Wheel Productions

Death metal from Finland and you won’t be disappointed. According to Bio, the band was formed in 2006 and after what seems to be 4 demos, they released this debut album full of morbidity and destructive tunes.

All tracks transmit the same rotten miasma and denote people highly devoted to death metal genre. Also, these guys have a quite simplistic and peculiar sense of melody, as they created high octane tunes with excellent but simple musical arrangements. Vocalist Linda Alén did an excellent work and delivers ferocious gutturals, with deep roots in American old legends like Incantation, Autopsy, along with European old scene, just to mention Bolt Thrower, old Entombed, Grave, etc. This debut album is heavy, obscure and tenebrous, with high doses of chaotic guitar riffs and 90’s rotten air. Hopefully we will see more news about them in the near future. – Victor Varas

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