Album Review PAGANUS DOCTRINA OmnipotencE AeternaE DiabolouS


PAGANUS DOCTRINA “OmnipotencE AeternaE DiabolouS”

Ashen Productions

Certainly this black metal entity is a true reference of extreme metal music in Costa Rica. Formed in 1995, the band released a demo and a couple of splits CDs before this debut album, and seems like they still are loyal to the dark roots of the genre.

All tracks are forged in extremely fast and chaotic guitar riffs, ominous structures and apocalyptic blasphemies, with high doses of death metal tunes and honesty, if you know what I mean. Actually, all lyrics are in Spanish language which gives a quite particular taste to the whole concept. Music sounds clear enough to hear all details, but raw enough to shit in your pants off. We are talking about a quite balanced and tasty recording here. For those who still believe in gems found in the underground metal scene in Latin America, there you have it: an authentic black diamond rooted in the darkest side of black metal genre: filthy, morbid and heretic. – Victor Varas

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