Album Review PROVOCATOR / SAHRANA Holy Incest

Provocator Sahrana Split cover art


Iron, Blood & Death Corporation

I didn’t know anything about the solo project of Etienne Chelleri (Bleeding Fist), and I’m quite impressed because of high octane and hyper-destructive guitar riffs put in here.

This Split release contains 5 tracks of blasphemer black metal full of darkness and putrefaction. Actually, everything is tied by a particular sense of thrash/punkish vibe, and it gives personality to the whole sound. Certainly, this guy has influences from many sources, but he knows how to apply aggressive lines on specific points, and I must say that the result is quite effective. On the side B we find Sahrana, a band coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I must say that as my first encounter with metal music from that country, I’m very satisfied. These guys have been active since 2009 and they have two full length albums and a large list of demos and singles releases. Of course, we are talking about a quite matured band with excellent compositions and high doses of rawness here. Actually, this band sounds chaotic, bestial and infernal at the same fucking time, and everything is tied with brutal music arrangements. All in all this is a highly recommended release by Iron, Blood & Death Corporation, once again. – Victor Varas

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