Album Review URANIA Hieros Gamos

URANIA cover art

URANIA “Hieros Gamos”

Helldprod Records

I really enjoyed every track from this Lusitanian debut album. These guys captured the true essence of doom metal genre in four long lasting tracks.

Everything is tied by dark atmospheres, ominous lines and effective sections full of funeral keyboards lines, in specific moments. Actually, this sounds heavy, morbid and hellish at the same time. I liked it because the band has huge personality and I can say that they found a balance where everything can be enjoyable with epic tunes and painful guitar riffs. Vocalist made an excellent work and it seems like he worships doom metal genre from 90’s. Of course this recalls me old metal gods from the 90’s, but as aforementioned, these guys already forged a good personality, and I respect that in a new born band. This is highly recommended for those old skulls who still worship the hybrid genre of death metal and doom-epic metal. – Victor Varas

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