Album Review XTERNITY Expulsion into Depth

Xternity cover art

XTERNITY “Expulsion into Depth”


Metal music world is still changing daily and from time to time we find solid hybrids, where different subgenres collide in a good way.

These German guys created a great debut album (damn!! it’s a good cover illustration, btw!) forged in thrash metal ADN, black metal elements and a great sense of melodic stuff. All tracks have the same metallic spirit and I really liked “On the Graveyard” which is an excellent example of what these guys want to sound: sharp guitar riffs, dynamic drums and corrosive vocal lines. Also, I have to say that the band managed some interesting musical arrangements and it denotes high care in pre-production, if you know what I mean. If you ask me, this is nothing I haven’t heard before, but certainly all elements are on its place, and I’m sure that this band shows high maturity musically speaking, in the album. Far to be the same black-thrash-melodic-death stuff, these guys formed a personality, and that’s pretty important to metal world nowadays. – Victor Varas

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