Album Review LOST SOUL Atlantis: The New Beginning

LOST SOUL cover art

LOST SOUL “Atlantis: The New Beginning”

Apostasy Records

One of the most iconic and yet underrated technical metal bands in Poland is back, and the new album really worth every cent.

This is a death metal opus forged in darkness and ominous atmospheres; composed with high doses of symphonic elements (they invited Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra in few songs) all tracks sound chaotic, technical and extremely complex. Of course, the band has its own seal between brutality and melodic lines on specific moments, but no doubt everything is very well-conceived with a particular perspective of modern technical death metal. Also, everything is tied with superlative music arrangements, which denotes that Jacek Grecki is in fact almost a genius. We have ten tracks (plus three extra bonus tracks for the special edition) full of chaotic yet morbid structures, painful vocal lines and extraordinary production in the purest vein of the Polish death metal sound. It calls my attention that one of the bonus tracks is called “Sonidos del apocalisis” (Spanish written) and certainly is based in truly apocalyptic guitar lines with high doses of technical stuff. As extra info, on this album collaborates Dave Suzuki from Vital Remains. – Victor Varas

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