Album Review REVOLUTION Sacrifice

Revolution cover art

REVOLUTION “Sacrifice”

It’s a high-octane hybrid of thrash metal and punk hardcore attitude, and it’s not bad at all because of very professional production.

Coming from Florida, these guys forged a tremendous debut album full of heaviness and solid tunes. All tracks are influenced by both genres, but at the same time the band added a particular own seal which you will hear in every note. Of course, music has high doses of raw attitude and aggressive sections, and the band knows to balance excellent guitar riffs with rabid drum sections. This album has old school elements mixed with modern structures, and the result is quite good as it sounds tied and well produced. Actually, everything seems to be well-conceived behind the door of rehearsal room, and you will notice a professional work in musical arrangements. No doubt they are brave as they mix two styles without falling in child mistakes. Although this is nothing I haven’t heard before, it’s a band that it looking for an own sound and I’m pretty sure they do it soon. It’s highly recommended if you like hybrids with touches of modernity here and there. In live shows they must be awesome btw. – Victor Varas

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