Album Review ROTEM Nightmare Forever

Rotem cover art

ROTEM “Nightmare Forever”

Rot’em Records

This is the kind of one man band that it would be awesome if he decides to recruit some couple of motherfuckers to handle instruments.

Coming from Portugal, Bruno Rodrigues aka Rotem is the master mind of this blackened entity, and he manages all the musical arrangements for all instruments since 2012. And he does it very well I must say. All tracks have different levels of complexity and perform distinctive sections forged in aggression and solid guitar riffs. Music denotes a mind highly involved in black metal genre, but he dares to add a singular touch with progressive elements, tons of tempo changes and superlative atmospheres. Everything is tied by good taste in extreme music tunes and great metallic spirit. Of course, there are some details to fix here and there, which are common in one-man projects, but this recording is quite good and denotes a focused creator. I insist, why don’t recruit some drunk mother fuckers to handle instruments? – Victor Varas

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