Album Review TERRORDOME Machete Justice

TERRORDOME cover art

TERRORDOME “Machete Justice”

Defense Records

Formed in 2005 in Cracow, this crossover/thrash metal band has released a large list of EP’s and compilations, before the second album and it really worth every cent.

This is my first encounter with the band and I’m really glad to hear it, as music reunites what simply I like of the genre: aggressiveness, old school stench and modern elements with good taste. Of course, they have high influences from American old metal gods like Exodus, Overkill, Metallica, etc, but they know how to forge a singular personality and the whole album denotes people worshipers of old school. If you ask me, all these tracks sound extremely well-conceived and my favorite one is “Nocturnal Emission”, which is an excellent piece of violence for your brain. This album is based in holocaustic guitar riffs, vertiginous drum sections and a rabid-punkish atmosphere. I know that most of you old skulls are sick of this new wave of thrash metal bands, but from time to time it come great albums from worldwide underground scene. Just, don’t miss it. – Victor Varas

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