Album Review TULSADOOM Storms of the Netherworld

TULSADOOM cover art

TULSADOOM “Storms of the Netherworld”

Nihilistic Empire Records

Don’t confuse this band, because of its cover artwork; if you think you will find an epic Heavy metal band following the most traditional side of the genre, you are totally wrong.

Coming from Vienna, Austria, these guys forged a quite interesting sophomore blending distinct forms of heavy-thrash metal, and blackened vocal lines. The whole album is based in Robert E. Howard fantasy stories, and of course it delivers tons of epic stuff, but this band mixed different sections and atmospheres musically speaking. Actually, they added high doses of thrash metal to the songs, but I can’t say that the result can fit in the concept, at least, not in what we know about “epic” and “barbaric metal” bands. These guys have musical high skills and no doubt they really feel the metal music running through the veins. I must say that they are more near to Exodus than to Manowar’s sound. Closing my eyes I made a trip into those fantasy stories, but it feels like if music is the soundtrack for another kind of theme. This album is really good anyway, and I enjoyed every song because of solid sections forged in apocalyptic guitar riffs and evil vocal lines. I hope to receive more news from this band in the near future. I’m sure they’ll be on big cartels soon. – Victor Varas

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