Album Review BEVAR SEA Invoke the Bizarre

BEVAR SEA cover art

BEVAR SEA “Invoke the Bizarre”

The Mighty Riff Records

This is a decent and quite solid stoner/doom metal album, and I must say that the sound tells me about guys who are looking for an own style and good performance.

Formed in 2011, the band is based in Bangalore, India, and definitely is one of the most interesting discoveries for me this year. All tracks deliver an obscured and aggressive atmosphere, but it seems like these guys know very well what they want, and composed music lines under the influence of old entities like Saint Vitus, Solitude Aeturnus, Pentagram, even Black Sabbath. But they don’t copy-paste; they just reinterpreted the rare atmospheres and structures, and they composed really deadly and funeral tunes, tied by tremendous guitar riffs and inspired vocal lines. I admit that the genre has become quite popular these days, and now you can find a “stoner-doom” metal band almost in every corner, but this band has something, originality, honesty, whatever, and it gives them personality. That’s the point. Maybe they are far away from being virtuosos, but who fucking cares about virtuosity, when you are doing what you really like with your friends? That’s the point again. It’s highly recommended!!! – Victor Varas

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