Album Review FESTERING From the Grave

FESTERING cover art

FESTERING “From the Grave”

War Productions

Yeah, I reviewed an EP 7” vinyl release from this Portuguese band, some years ago, and I clearly remember a solid death metal forged in putrid guitar riffs and deadly vocal lines in the vein of Mark “Barney” Greenway.

This is the long awaited full length album, and yes, it sound ferocious and rotten. These guys formed the band in early 90’s, and shortly after they went to other bands in the area. Reunited in 2012, we are talking about people with the knowledge of the roots of the genre. They don’t need to demonstrate anything to nobody as they know exactly how to sound, and I must say that they recovered a very particular side of death metal genre, with effective guitar base (almost lack of solos, btw), and rabid vocal lines. Again, Pedro Gonçalves make an excellent work and leaves traces of flesh in the microphone. Also, all tracks have this punkish/thrasher breath that will make your head blow. This is another good example for what is going on in underground death metal scene, in Portugal territory. If you worship the punkish and rotten side of European death metal, this is definitely for you. – Victor Varas

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