Album Review PLAGUE RIDER Paroxysm

PLAGE RIDER cover art



I have different feelings about this EP. It sounds quite chaotic, morbid and rotten, but at the same time, no doubt is one of the most technical stuff I’ve heard this year.

All tracks are forged with distinctive guitar riffs and tons of complex structures. It seems like the band is die-hard of Atheist, Death, Pestilence, etc, but they found a peculiar perspective of technical death metal genre, and they are near to find an own style which is quite difficult btw. Also, they deliver high octane structures with completely crazy and irregular compasses. Everything is surrounded by a punkish-DIY atmosphere which gives another addition to the complex personality of the band. I don’t know If I like or I hate this “pork” vocals in specific moments, but definitely this is a quite peculiar death metal band that breaks with many conventional points of the genre, that’s for sure. Formed in Newcastle (UK), this band features members from bands like Live Burial and Horrified. It’s recommended if you are into the most complex, revolting and bizarre side of the genre. – Victor Varas

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