Album Review THE RITUAL AURA Laniakea



Lacerated Enemy Records

Wow!! Take it easy dude!!! Just calm down and don’t hurt your elastic fingers with hyper-fast guitar lines and licks.

This is definitively and ridiculous fast and complex. Do you want to know about technical death metal? Well, these guys from Perth, Australia composed one of the most complex death metal albums I’ve ever heard. The amount of guitar lines and solos is as fast as ridiculous, and you will be so fucking tired and bored at the end, with no substance. I admit that once you learn to do exercises and complex arpeggios in guitar instrument, you want to step forward musical theory, and you want to go to the limits. But man!! This is funny and empty, musically speaking. All tracks have tons of guitar lines, structures and chaotic atmospheres. You will vomit after hearing this, really. If you are looking for hyper-fast, hyper-technical death metal, hyper-complex music and hyper-everything!!! You must listen to this. I’m not quite impressed really, and I should say that this is not for me.– Victor Varas

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