Album Review THRONE The Full Moon Sessions

THRONE cover art

THRONE “The Full Moon Sessions”

Vic Records

Well, if the name Bob Bagchus is familiar to you, this piece of obscurity will call your attention immediately.

This is nothing less than a compilation of all demos of the side band of Asphys’ ex drummer, along with members from Beyond Belief, an old dark entity from Netherlands. All tracks move between death metal and morbid doom metal, and of course we are talking about people highly experienced in slow guitar riffs, stinky structures and ominous vocal lines. Everything is tied by high doses of destructive atmospheres and influences from old gods like Slayer (track “Nuclear Warmachine”) and If you ask me, I think this is a great compilation of putrefaction, and thanks Satan this Label decided to keep rawness and “direct-to-the-bone” sound. The compilation includes different versions of some tracks and what seems to be a recording direct from rehearsal room. This is quite sinister and corrosive, so you don’t expect a shiny production here. It’s simple: if you like rottenness in death metal with cathartic vocal lines like old witch maledictions, you can’t miss this shit, definitely. – Victor Varas

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