Album Review CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC Your Doom Has Come



Kinda Like Music

If previous album “To Sleep beyond the earth” (Read the review here) literally blows my mind, this sophomore opus has become in one of my favourites soundtrack for my daily job.

This band knows everything about how to transmit different and distinctive states of mind through psychedelic structures, forged in basic guitar riffs and oneiric atmospheres. Of course, music has a lot of influences, mainly from stoner rock and doom rock, but these guys seem to be on the same mood of rock n’ roll on its purest essence. I mean, they just handle the instruments and after some alcohol shots and weed, they just play music that comes from the mind. A quite simple way to create music by improvisation, I’d say. All tracks come from a cradle of different feelings: anger, happiness, sorrow, pain, and I must say that these musicians take the better of each one and translate it to a musical section, a guitar line, a bass base, a drum beat …. It’s amazing what you can create when you are in the same mood with your pals, and when music flows like blood in rehearsal room. On the third hearing I still discovering distinctive states of mind here, and new sensations over a pathway of music structures. If you ask me, this album has to be heard carefully, with an open mind. You expect something like a sonic trip around your subconscious. – Victor Varas

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