Album Review HATEVOMIT Necrovomit

Necrovomit cover art

HATEVOMIT “Necrövömit”

Underground Resistance

This is raw, dirty and chaotic. It sounds like if everything was recorded by drunken evil spirits in hell’s basement. Of course, we are talking people who has been involved in extreme metal music for decades, and truly created a good homage of violent raw black metal.

All tracks are forged in rottenness and cathartic guitar riffs, but somehow the band keeps a sound direct to the bone and rabid as possible. Also, I admit that this recalls me a lot first works from Hellhammer, and its musical heritage, but here I find tons of dark ideas and holocaustic atmospheres in a peculiar perspective of the genre. Also, it’s obvious they are familiar with punkish attitude as everything has completely crude and DIY breath. There are six tracks full of hate and heaviness, and I’m sure some of you will be interested because of high doses of bad blood in each song. It’s a band featuring two Turkish guys and a Mexican drummer, who were part of a large list of bands (including Inhearted) but seems to be based in Cyprus. It’s highly recommended for those who are looking for international projects full of iron force, in black metal arts. – Victor Varas

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