Album Review REPULSIVE DISSECTION Church of the Five Precious Wounds


REPULSIVE DISSECTION “Church of the Five Precious Wounds”

Sevared Records

Here we go again with another hyper fast and technical death metal band. This time we are talking about a massive massacre forged in different countries: UK, Ukraine, Japan and Sweden, and it truly make your ears bleed due the high octane quality.

This sounds corrosive, deadly and with high doses of brutality. Everything is composed around complex structures and irregular guitar riffs, and for moments it takes you into hypnotic states of mind. Of course, this is a step beyond brutality in death metal, and it seems like these guys are quite drowned in progressive stuff and ultra-complex music. There is no way you can follow the line, musically speaking, and definitely I’m not sure if I still enjoy this death metal composition, but no doubt this is a very well-conceived brutal death metal album, and I know some of you youngsters will enjoy. This piece of mess is highly recommended if you like technical music, and virtuoso guitar riffs. I hardly found guitar solos btw. It’s too painful for me. – Victor Varas

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