Album Review STEEL DIMENSION Solar Warrior




Mexican underground scene never stops, and this time it truly surprised me. The band delivers a high octane heavy metal attack in five solid and quite melodic tunes. And it sounds excellent!!

Coming from Neza city (near Mexico City) these guys formed the band in 2013 or something, and with the only purpose of reinterpret old bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, King Diamond, etc. The fact is that they composed quite mature guitar riffs and excellent tunes forged in the true metallic spirit. All instruments add something to the songs, and drummer Lemus denotes excellent technique, guitars have good musical arrangements (inclusive twin lines ala Maiden), even bass guitar sounds like early Steve Harris. I admit that vocalist Erick RM crashes in some notes out of tune, but duuude!!, this guy reaches high pitched lines and can sing like god Kim Bendix with no problem!!! I’m really impressed with this CD-R promo and I hope to see the band on stage soon. I’m sure that some record label will pick this piece of solid metal sooner or later. Time shall tell, but for now, this is a gem of Mexican underground scene. – Victor Varas

Thanx to Lemus from Ocean Project who gift me this promo.


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