Album Review STORMWOLF Swordwind

STORMWOLF cover art

STORMWOLF “Swordwind”

Self –released

This is a quite interesting heavy metal album from Italian underground scene. It’s the creation of guitarist Francesco Natale, along vocalist Elena Ventura both who did an excellent work here.

All tracks are highly influenced by the most traditional side of European heavy metal, and doses of NWOBHM. Of course, as every independent band have some details in the production, like the weak sound of rhythm guitars, or the synthetic sound in drums, in some specific moments. Actually, these guys seem to know exactly what they want, and created good melodic tunes here. Everything is tied with good metallic blood and literally tons of guitar solos. Maybe too many guitar solos, btw. Anyway, these guys composed excellent musical arrangements here and there, and managed memorable choruses and vocal lines in the entire album. My favorite song is “All we are” which is an excellent piece of shiny heavy metal, with sticky lines, and good movements, made of pure steel. I can’t wait to hear a second album with even more mature ideas, and better production. As extra info, this album contains a cover version of classic “Rock and Roll Gypsy” (original from Saxon), and “Crazy Nights” (original from Loudness). – Victor Varas

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