Album Review WIDMO Kim ty jesteś …

WIDMO cover art

WIDMO “Kim ty jesteś ..”

Demented Omen of Masochism

Well, this is a great piece of putrefaction and obscurity coming from Poland. We find three tracks of obscured and doomed black metal forged in low tuned guitar riffs and abysmal vocal lines.

Of course, these motherfuckers have influences in old school from Europe, but they know how to create effective and rotten atmospheres with apocalyptic structures and slow tempo. I liked it because it sounds corrosive, bestial and pestilent at the same time, and it transmits poisonous lines in every single note. Also, it seems like these guys have the knowledge of ancient entities like old Sepultura, Sarcofago, Possessed, Hellhammer, etc, as they conceived high doses of obscurity in guitar riffs, full of heaviness and rottenness. All tracks have the same miasma and seem to be composed under the bloody moonlight of morbidity. It’s a great addition if you collect jewels from ancient Europe, and distinctive perspective of black/death metal music. – Victor Varas

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