Album Review DISSIDENT Unleash the Violence… In Thrash We Trust

Dissident cover art

DISSIDENT “Unleash the Violence… In Thrash We Trust”

Iron, Blood & Death Corporation

According to the Bio, this Chilean band has been around since 1998, although they had many name changes in those years. Well, then we are not talking about a new band.

This is a debut album full of thrash metal attack in the vein of old American gods like Exodus, Testament, Anthrax, Death Angel, etc. It seems like the first five tracks are a new recording, and last five correspond to an old demo. Of course they don’t belong to the new wave of thrash metal, as they have this honest touch forged in true knowledge of the genre. All tracks have excellent musical arrangements, inclusive they add some complex elements in specific moments, which denotes high skills. Also, guitar riffs are extremely aggressive, just the necessary to make you believe you are in front of a good thrash metal gang, with no fake pretensions. On track 6, the recording is a bit cruder, near to a demo, and we hear a great exposure of Latin American rabid. Of course, they add some punkish elements and crossover structures, but seem like they already know what they want and how to sound. This is an old band that deserves more attention, as they have high octane compositions. Unfortunately they didn’t make it in those years, and for now this is the only release. But I’m sure we will hear more of them in the future. – Victor Varas

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