Album Review GRIMORIUM VERUM Relict



Symbol of Domination Prod.

Don’t confuse this Russian band with the Ecuadorian black metal entity. Both are old, and have released a large list of albums, but definitely they are not into the same barrel.

These guys orient the compositions to high quality symphonic black metal, and I must say that I really liked it because high doses of orchestrations and musical arrangements with class, and no false pretensions. If you think that this side of the genre has become quite popular due the effervescence of bands like Dimmu Borgir, CoF, Old’s Man Child, Vesania, etc, yeah, you are correct! But you should look inside the underground scene, and meet bands like this one. All tracks have a particular personality and definitely they know exactly what they want, to the point of deliver high doses of aggressive guitar riffs, venomous atmospheres and epic vocal lines. As you can imagine, all tracks bring different orchestra walls, and denotes people involved both in classic music and extreme music. The hybrid works fantastic, and everything has excellent moments musically speaking, where you mind discovers different passages to the dark side. This is a high octane release from Russia, and you should not miss if you are into the bands aforementioned. – Victor Varas

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