Album Review HATECROWNED Newborn Serpent


HATECROWNED “Newborn Serpent”

Satanath Records

I hadn’t listened metal material from Lebanon since heavy metal band Zix. This time is my first encounter with black metal scene from that country, and I’m really impressed.

These guys formed the band in 2011, in the north city of Tripoli, and released a debut EP in 2013. This is the first full length and it’s full of furious atmospheres forged in the rawest side of the genre. Of course, the band denotes people with high musical skills, but they know about extreme compositions and holocaustic structures. All tracks sound great and deliver poisonous doses of ritualistic and chaotic tunes, full of painful guitar riffs and perennial drum beats. Also, recording is direct to the bone, but clear enough to show a band with many hours behind rehearsal room. If you ask me, these guys have mature ideas musically speaking, and they’ve already forged an own sound, which is quite important in novel entities. I mean, especially in this genre. It’s a great album for those followers of underground bands from Middle East, and they should be supported by all of you lazy metal heads, as I’m sure the band fights a lot for promoting their own music. It’s a raw black metal band with a peculiar and distinctive point of view of misanthropy. Support! – Victor Varas

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