Album Review PRAISE THE FLAME Manifest Rebellion


PRAISE THE FLAME “Manifest Rebellion”

Memento Mori

Wow! I think I found the best death metal album release from Latin America this year. Formed in Valdivia, Chile by ex-members from bands like Megiddo, Putrid Evocation, Death Yell and Deceivegod, this obscure entity delivers extremely high doses of bestiality and satanic death metal.

All tracks have aggression, obscurity and rottenness, but these guys know what they are doing. It seems like they are worshippers of the darkest side of death metal genre, and they composed an authentic gem of occultism here. All tracks are quite balanced between slow and thick guitar riffs and powerful blast beats as possessed invocations. Also, vocalist José Letelier did an excellent work and I find poisonous lines like hell serpents in the entire album. This is a band that deserves attention, since everything is composed with complex structures and fast passages. But I must say that music is tied with a putrid rope of provocative guitar riffs and bad blood, despite of they formed in 2012 with a couple of EP releases on the backs, this is a quite mature debut album, and it’s highly recommended if you are worshiper of the most bestial, obscured and fast death metal. Support!! – Victor Varas

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