Album Review THROUGH TORMENT Occultus



American Line Prods

This sounds holocaustic and extremely gritty. All tracks have a particular atmosphere between raw black metal and bestiality, and definitely it’s aggressive to the core.

Formed in Mexico City by ex-members from Drowned in Blood and The Abstract, this young entity literally delivers black fire through extremely painful guitar riffs and venomous vocal lines. Of course, we are talking about people who have been involved in extreme metal music for a long time, and everything is tight and well-conceived. On this debut album they made clear that they are not fooling around with childish mistakes. They have quite mature ideas and musically speaking all tracks is quite solid. Also, they added some touches of thrash metal attack in specific moments, which gives a peculiar personality to the whole concept. As aforementioned, all tracks have excellent roots in black metal and death metal genres, and denote people with high musical skills as music fit concordance with dark ambience and fast structures with good taste and good execution. My only complaint is the weak sound of rhythm guitars. But recording is direct to the skull and shows a live band. We will wait what happens next. – Victor Varas

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