Album Review HELLLIGHT Journey Through Endless Storms

HELLLIGHT cover art

HELLLIGHT “Journey Through Endless Storms”

Solitude Productions

These Brazilian guys have been active since 1996 or something, and this is my first encounter with their work. On the fifth full length album they made clear that they have funeral-doomed riffs inside the veins.

All tracks are forged in heaviness, slow structures and the true spirit of sorrow and doom. Of course, these guys are veterans in the genre, and they deliver quite mature ideas in long songs. I admit that for moments it turns a bit soporific and hypnotic for me. Although everything sounds extremely atmospheric and gritty, these guys added high doses of morbidity and metallic spirit to the entire album. Also, you will find those funeral elements, very characteristic in the genre, like obscured keyboards, slow motion drums, and oneiric guitar arrangements. Also, vocalist/guitarist Fabio de Paula made an extraordinaire work, creating truly poisonous growls in specific moments. This is a great album of darkness and painful tunes, and it’s highly recommended if you follow the most obscured and unfaithful side of the genre, if you know what I mean. – Victor Varas

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