No more room in hell cover art

NO MORE ROOM IN HELL “No more room in hell”

Morbid Generation Records

This is another project of Anil Carrier, a British multi-instrumentalist who has been part of bands like Towers of Flesh, Binah, Necrotize, Requiem Laus, etc, and Mark Gleed, ex vocalist from Amputated.

It’s nothing less than a quite crude form of death metal ala old school with high doses of morbidity, putrid atmospheres and die-hard horror movie worshipers. These guys have clear what they want, and musically speaking they have tons of fresh ideas and excellent lines. All tracks are composed around holocaustic guitar riffs and excellent drums arrangements. Also, they add touches of brutality and blast-beats in specific moments, which give a particular personality to the band. I liked this band because has everything: good guitar riffs, high octane musical arrangements, excellent growls, and the most honest influence from classic death metal genre, ok? No flatulencies, and no childish copycats here, if you know what I mean. If you ask me, the band is still looking for an own sound but they are near to get it, and they have proofs. I know that Anil has tons of compromises with his projects, but hopefully they will release a sophomore opus soon. – Victor Varas

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