Album Review AVULSED Altar of Disembowelment

AVULSED 2 cover art

AVULSED “Altar of Disembowelment”

Xtreem Music

Owners of a quite unique style in modern death metal, and an absolutely respectable discography, these Spanish mother fuckers don’t stop, and present this year a high octane EP full of blood and entrails.

Of course we find excellent compositions based in complex guitar riffs and violent structures, but I must say that the band has forged an own style and delivers mature musical arrangements in all tracks. It seems like they’ve become a very active band, since they’ve released two good EPs in a short period of time after the last full length album. Also, they don’t hesitate to add high doses of brutality on each line, which is a particular seal. Here they included a cover version of “Neon Knights”, original from Black Sabbath, but I have some doubts here, as I’m really a fan of the British legend, and I don’t like the mix of brutality with old heavy metal hymns. This is a good release, anyway. – Victor Varas

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