Album Review DOR FEAFAROTH Extermination of spiritual leprosy


DOR FEAFAROTH “Extermination of spiritual leprosy”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

This sounds sinister, chaotic and sharp like a knife! According to the Bio, this band from Vladivostok, Russia, was formed in 1999, and after numerous splits and EP releases, this is the debut album.

All tracks are cold and obscured, as black metal genre demands, and vocalist Vandal added obscene touches of misanthropy and abyssal lines. Particularly, this horde takes the best of Nordic sound and mixed with high doses of cathartic guitar riffs. Also, it’s a raw black metal album forged in blastbeats, crude vocal lines and keyboards atmospheres in specific points. If you ask me, this is another band which quite decent stuff and excellent technique, but definitely they know exactly how they want to sound. And the entire album sounds rude, if you know what I mean. My only complaint is that everything is written in Russian and I don’t fucking understand a word! Anyway, this is another hit-point for the label record, and it’s highly recommended if you worship underground black metal gems from Russian scene. – Victor Varas

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