Album Review RECTIFIED SPIRIT The Waste Land



Transcending Obscurity India

Again, India’s metal scene left me speechless with a high calibre production. Coming from Assam, these guys composed an excellent hybrid of thrash and death metal, with modern sounds and high doses of progressive structures.

Duuuude!! What a good level of composition!! All tracks have personality, and they dare to mix distinctive guitar riffs and musical arrangements into great tunes. Everything is tied with good taste and even progressive metal elements are melodic, but classy with good influences of European bands. Vocalist Rainjong Lepcha makes an excellent work and combines aggressive gutturals with high pitched lines, which sounds quite modern and “Metalcore”, but believe me: this dude has pure iron inside the veins. This is a “class A” metal album, and it’s highly recommended only for those open minded who know recognize excellent compositions in modern metal style, and also know about hard hours behind rehearsal room’s door. – Victor Varas

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