Album Review SOIJL Endless Elysian Fields

Soijl cover art

SOIJL “Endless Elysian Fields”

Solitude Productions

Great! This sounds deep and colossal, like the entrance to hell. Formed in Karlskrona, Sweden, in 2008, this is supposed to be a solitaire project of Mattias Svensson, who has been part of bands like Saturnus, Istapp and Vanmakt.

Right now this can be named properly a band, as he add Henrik Kindvall (Skald) on vocals and Johan Mathisson on drums. Of course, we are talking about people very involved in death metal music, and with large experience. All tracks are forged in venomous guitar lines, corrosive guttural vocals, and high doses of melody. I really liked it, because this delivers distinctive atmospheres with excellent musical arrangements. All tracks deliver heaviness and painful atmospheres with keyboard walls in specific moments. It seems like they have thick roots in Antique doom metal bands from 90’s, but definitely these guys added sophisticated elements to the concept, and really works! It’s highly recommended for those lovers of catatonic movements in metal music. It’s an album that worth every cent. – Victor Varas

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