Album Review INSTIGATOR Bad Future

INSTIGATOR cover art


Gates of Hell Records

Formed by members and ex members from different bands, including David Stranderud (Devil Lee Rot), this Swedish entity recovers the essence of seminal speed metal, highly influenced by the old Germanic scene.

Hell yeah! These guys have a raw sound based in simple and effective guitar riffs, dirty structures and punkish attitude. Actually, vocalist “Hiroshima” sounds rabid and crude like a piece of flesh, and all tracks denote people involved in heavy metal sound, a large period of time. Also, they added a peculiar atmosphere made of darkness and evilness, which definitely put the band in the room of classic heavy metal. Of course, these guys know about the unmerciful sound from NWOBHM, and all tracks are surrounded by a strong atmosphere of vintage sounding. We have four tracks taken from the depths of hell, and you can’t miss them if you are into the darkest side of heavy metal genre. This EP is to be released in 7″ vinyl format. – Victor Varas

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