Album Review MONTES INSANIA Absurdum



Symbol of Domination Prod.

This is the kind of black metal albums that take you into a trip in subconscious lands. Definitely you have to put your mind in a specific mode, so you can understand this hypnotic and almost atmospheric opus.

Formed by one Russian and one Ukrainian, this dark entity is forged in dense melodies and sick musical structures and it sounds quite good, as everything is tied by great arrangements. Almost all tracks are long lasting, and as aforementioned, you can get bored if you are not mentally prepared. This is melodic, nostalgic and bizarre at the same time, so you will have a huge spectre of dark feelings in each song. Also, vocal lines sound extremely sharp and corrosive, and everything contrasts with some soft keyboards in specific moments, and strange guitar lines. If you ask me, I have to listen to this album three times and I still don’t know is I liked it. No doubt it’s a different kind of atmospheric music here, and it rescue distinctive sides of the genre on every song. But duuude! It’s really difficult to follow a line because of sharp sounds and cannibalistic compositions. It’s a shame that you can hear programmed drums in specific moments and this affects a bit the recording. – Victor Varas

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