Album Review TAIGA Gaia

TAIGA cover art

TAIGA “Gaia”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

Well, this is another gem from Russian underground scene. I can’t remember the last time I heard such painful and cathartic screams in depressive/ambient black metal. And this guy knows about mournful atmospheres!!!

Coming from Tomsk, it’s a duo formed by Nikolay Seredov (Funeral Tears) and Andrey Chernov (стахановец) and they present a truly awesome opus forged in cold tunes and depressive miasmas. Al tracks transmit high levels of melancholy and obscured atmospheres. Of course, these tunes contrast with Nicko’s high pitched screams, and gives a particular sense to the concept. It seems like this Russian entity has clear how they want to sound, and also they have a particular perspective of the coldest side of black metal genre. With sempiternal guitar riffs, provocative atmospheres forged in the darkest essence of human feelings, and tons of haunted screams, this album is highly recommended for those worshippers of a lonely and frozen ramification of black metal genre. The one that is grey, atmospheric and creepy as hell. – Victor Varas

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