Album Review THE PRAGMATIST The Inevitablity of Disaster


THE PRAGMATIST “The Inevitablity of Disaster”

Imbecil Entertainment

I’m quite impressed with the high quality of this EP album. It contains 9 short length tracks full of a very well-conceived mix of death metal and grindcore, with tons of tempo changes and high doses of technical stuff.

Of course, these Russian guys have thick roots in the most morbid side of both musical genres, but they recovered old sounds and added an own seal. The recording sounds clear and direct to the bone, which speaks about people with music forged in a rehearsal room. If you ask me, it seems like they know about flesh and bones in extreme music, and they are die-hard fans of bands like Napalm Death, Dying Fetus, etc. But they also added some touches of punkish attitude and savage structures, like in track “Pests” which is a lethal attack of fast guitar riffs and provocative vocal lines. This is a great album with a nice cover artwork, and it’s highly recommended for those who are into modern extreme metal music, with tons of references to old school sounds. – Victor Varas

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