Album Review AMEZARAK Diabolical Finale Mortum

AMEZARAK cover art

AMEZARAK “Diabolical Finale Mortum”

Satanath Records

This is cold, grey and hyper-aggressive. A one-man project full of misanthropy and satanic miasmas, you will worship instantly if you are looking for the ravenous side of the genre.

Coming from Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk (Russia) this guy forged an excellent fifth album into holocaustic guitar riffs and insane structures. I must say that Viktor Medvedev is almost a genius musically speaking, as he knows how to transmit distinctive states of mind and corrosive atmospheres with such aggressive stuff. Also, my respect is for this physical recording which seems to be result of a lonely and very talented multi-instrumentalist. If you ask me, I can see roots in Nordic old sounds, but he also found a balance in black atmospheres, quite influenced by Greek scene. Although this is nothing I haven’t heard before in the genre, the band is highly recommendable for those purists who are looking for excellent bands that recover the dark essence music. Maybe five albums on his back since 2012 are enough to step into a good place in the road of Russian black metal. Yes they are for sure. Amazing, really. – Victor Varas

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