Album Review DARK SADNESS and A NAKED SOUL Twirl of shadows

DARK SADNESS cover art

DARK SADNESS / A NAKED SOUL “Twirl of shadows”

American Line Prods.

This is the underground, and it truly keeps the real essence of underground metal scene. If I don’t mistake, both bands are inactive now, and this is supposed to be a split release with two early demos, recorded in mid-90’s.

Coming from Morelos State, these bands are pioneers of doom-death metal in that area, and they truly have it all. First six tracks correspond to Dark Sadness, an ominous dark entity from Cuernavaca. All tracks are forged in vicious atmospheres and melodic guitar lines, with high doses of darkness and sorrow on every note. The band included tons of keyboards and slow tempo structures. Also, they have good taste in acoustic intros and gloomy vocal lines, which is a characteristic seal in doom metal genre from 90s. In the other side we find A Naked Soul, a band from Cuautla. These guys recovered more elements from primal European doom metal. All tracks share the same oppressive atmosphere with death metal elements and holocaustic vocal lines. It reminds me early works of bands like Pyogenesis, Amorphis, etc. Of course, these tracks lack of recording quality and in some specific moments, they sound like if they restored an original tape. As extra info, guitarist Felipe Barreto is editor from Old Speaker zine these days. This Split CD shows important sonic documents of what was going on in Morelos State in mid-90’s. Support and enjoy! – Victor Varas

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