Carnivorous Voracity cover art


Amputated Vein Records

This is extremely chaotic, fast and technical. Coming from Basque Country, these guys composed a good debut album with high doses of brutality and complex structures.

Musically speaking this is very similar to what is going on in brutal death metal, in American scene. You know high octane structures, hyper-fast guitars and deep guttural growls. All tracks have the same atmosphere full of rottenness and tons of tempo changes in the vein of Nile, Cryptopsy, etc, with touches of grindcore in specific moments. Honestly, I found this band a bit bored after fifth track, and definitively it’s not for me, although I admit it contains superlative technique and full complexity. It’s recommended if you are fan of the genre. If you are sick of fast bands that deliver sick brutality, stay away. – Victor Varas

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