Album Review JUSTABELI Cause the War Never Ends

Justabeli cover art

JUSTABELI “Cause the War Never Ends…”

Black Lion Productions

This is a good piece of aggressive death/black metal, from Brazil. Featuring members and ex members from many other gangs, including Gabriel Guerra from Depressed, this band was founded in 2001, and released a couple of EPs full of destructive death metal, before a full length album in 2008.

This year they are back with a good second album with high octane hymns and excellent corrosive structures. All tracks have quite eclectic roots, and I must say that everything is tied with a metallic spirit, but definitely the album denotes people involved in extreme metal music for a long time. Also, there are some peculiar points where you can hear epic heavy metal influences, like the high pitched screams in specific points, as well as some solid guitar lines. Of course, due the experience of each musician, the band has good taste and performs balanced structures mixing slow tempo atmospheres, atomic speedy warfare and morbid vocal lines. As aforementioned this is a very decent piece of death/black metal with no poses or false pretensions. Definitively it is not something I haven’t heard before, but everything is on its place and they are on the highway of Brazilian underground scene. – Victor Varas

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